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Casual Sitting room

What to do with a tiny room? Too small to be a bedroom, not big enough to be an office. Well my client and I decided to make it a cozy reading room. The client didn’t want to break the bank on this room, but wanted it to have drama and impact. I selected a calming paint color for the wall and paired it with white for the trim. The high contrast keeps it fresh and looking crisp. Next I found this great fabric with a floral design in the same color as the walls. We needed a small but comfortable chair for the space. I found this chair at IKEA and love it. It is super comfy and the white canvas fabric keeps it light and airy. Opposite the chair is a narrow console. I didn’t want the piece to protrude into the room too much, so this 10” deep piece is great. Finally, the client had found art work in their home that was left behind when they moved in. The pieces were great but the frames had seen better days. I had all the art custom framedand matted to match the off white of the console. The inherited art work is now the shining star of this reading room. This home has a much larger den and living room, but I would much rather curl up with a glass of wine and a good book in this room!

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