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Before & After Livingroom

This recent living room project created an interesting design challenge. How to make an existing purple sofa and green marble fireplace feel modern and updated? I decided to introduce grey into the room. The walls were painted a soft grey, the existing swivel chairs were re upholstered in a grey and white velvet. Existing cabinets that surround the fireplace were refinished in a grey paint with a glaze overlay. The wall-to- wall carpet was removed and replaced with a grey area rug with hints of purple and green to reference the sofa and fireplace and tie everything together. Hardwood floors give warmth to the space. Custom white floating shelves and mantle draw the eye up and make the room feel larger. The addition of a mantle with a large custom framed photo covered up some of the green in the fireplace and draws the eye to these pieces rather than the marble. Soft custom grey netting window side panels finish off the bay window without giving it a heavy feel. Finally, custom grey lattice print pillows were placed on the sofa to soften the purple sofa. This room allowed me to use my design skills to solve a common problem; how to update a room while keeping some of the clients’ existing items.

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